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Life Insurance Policies Protect Child Support and Alimony

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

By: Brusca Law

If you are ever worried about the health of a party during litigation and after, you might want to consider getting a life insurance policy.

Usually, trial courts have the discretion to order the party paying child support to maintain a life insurance policy in an amount necessary to ensure that child support will be paid in the event of the death of a former spouse. Although at times life insurance can be inexpensive, the Court must still make specific findings before they order a person to obtain a policy. Those specific findings should include the following: (1) the party paying the support can actually afford the insurance, (2) the actual cost of maintaining the insurance, and (3) the Court must find that there are special circumstances which would necessitate the life insurance.

If for some reason the Court does not make these findings on the record before requiring the life insurance policy, the party having to pay the insurance might have an issue ripe for an appeal.

Speak with Brusca Law about whether a life insurance policy is right for you during a divorce. Having a policy in place just might make a difference for you and family for years to come. Call Brusca Law at 407-501-6564 to learn more about your rights to a life insurance policy during your divorce.



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