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The Best Attorney!

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I cannot thank Lauren enough. I'm extremely grateful for her! I remember my first conversation with Lauren. Not only did she listen with empathy but she believed in me, which made me believe in her and gave me hope. The opposing party was making things as difficult as possible. The patience Lauren has is unbelievable. She is focused and was determined to see my case through to the very end; which would take over 2 yrs. (thanks to the opposing party) and finally end at trial. My case should have never had to go to trial but it did, and I can confidently say that Lauren was brilliant! Every single document I ever had to send to Lauren, every bit of frustration I ever felt; was all worth it when we received the final judgment. All the "stuff" the opposing party had been doing for years finally came out. I HIGHLY recommend Lauren. She is smart, she is fair, she is honest, she is trustworthy, she is compassionate, she fights with integrity, and she will have your back when you think things might be looking hopeless. I’m so grateful for Lauren!

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James Bowen


Brusca Law is one of the best family law firms in Orlando. My case was very complex and nerve racking to say the least. Lauren came in and did a fantastic job right from the very start. Her knowledge and experience pays huge dividends in court. She looks at the case, develops her plan, and stays hard at it until the end. She is truly one of the best lawyers I've ever seen and she will get awesome results for you! Highly recommended!!

Great Attorney

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Johanis Torres


Ms. Lauren Brusca, is a great attorney! I hired her twice for different cases and each time, she did not disappoint, she genuinely cares for her clients and I'm very grateful to have hired her as my attorney, I had a different attorney before her who did not accomplish much in my case, I was very frustrated and hopeless at that point 2 years had passed and thousands of dollars spent and no results on my case, until I found Ms. Brusca and she exceeded my expectations, she went above and beyond and accomplish more in less than a month than the other attorney did in those 2 years.


If you want the best hire Ms.Brusca she is genuine and works hard! She cares about her clients. I am VERY pleased with her services, OH AND DID I MENTION HOW AMAZING SHE IS AND AWESOME SHE IS!!?? SO thankful for all her help with both of my cases.

Outstanding Attorney

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Ms. Brusca was fantastic to work with. She put together a rock solid pre-nup agreement for me with no chance for any loop holes. She put in a ton of time and effort to ensure that I was protected and that nothing could slip through the cracks down the road. I was very impressed with her knowledge in the field and how she took extensive time to help me with any questions or concerns that came up along the way even out side of the pre-nup that I hired her to put together for me. I would highly recommend her for her services!


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Mrs. Brusca is a very caring and very professional attorney with a true dedication to her clients that is apparent in her thorough way of carrying her cases. I consulted and hire Mrs. Brusca based on her thorough questions while consulting, and I am very greatful I did.

Best Lawyer in Orlando

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Lauren Brusca is Very Prompt & Professional Lawyer....Would I recommend her? YES! She was given my case from 2013-14 She jumped Right on it with No Hesitation I met wit Miss Erin in Febuarary for a consultation and it was on from there! Lauren is Very Professional and she returns email & calls!! Hands Down Anyone needing her Services will Not be disappointed.

Outstanding Attorney

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Layza Cosme


It's difficult to put into words how thankful I am to have met Lauren. She is professional and boy does she know her stuff. Lauren despite her professionalism never once made me feel like just another client, I felt like her friend. Imagine my shock to realize I had met an attorney with a actual beating heart. Amazing, I know! Lauren was easy to talk to and even made me laugh when I sometimes just wanted to cry and pull my hair out. I was stuck in a very dragged out divorce case with a very difficult ex. The attacks on me from opposing counsel became overwhelming and downright unethical at times but Lauren handle it all like a pro. She was very upfront with what could and could not be done in my situation and did not create any false expectations.


I was 100% satisfied with the end results of my case. I couldn't have gotten through this difficult process without her and with her I felt confident. Thank you so much Lauren! I can't say it enough.

Highly Recommend

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Kathryn Valded



Picking a lawyer is never easy, usually it means you are going through something that no one would ever really want to go through, for me it was a divorce and custody battel. Before I decided to go with Mrs. Brusca I had consultations with 4 other highly recommended lawyers. Each consultation I explained my situation in full detail and how badly my soon to be ex-husband was treating me. The other lawyers, I felt didn’t really listen or understand my urgency or depression regarding my situation until I met Mrs. Brusca. Unlike the other lawyers Lauren sat with me for over an hour and listened to my whole story. She took the time to write notes, ask me questions, and understand what I was looking for...

I wish I could explain to anyone reading this just how important having a lawyer like Lauren was to me. How she fought for me. How she kept my spirits up. How she was so patient and understanding. How she actually became a friend. If you are looking for a lawyer I highly recommend Lauren, I promise you will NOT be disappointed in your decision.

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